Thursday, April 20, 2017

amek013 Smellicaт - Dearest 2xCS

Dearest is a double tape release featuring music made by low-key sad boy smellycaт in the past four years. Its sound will comfort you when your eyes are already hurting from staring at that ancient CRT TV. It's music playing in the back of your head when you're sick of trying to beat Crash Bandicoot on PSX or need something to wipe the Final Fantasy VII OST out of your brain when you fall asleep. Divided in four parts, which are as short-lived as they can get, Dearest is like a news feed of profound indifference, soaked with neon anime colors, lo-fi vaporwave vibes, Tumblr soft porn or cats, cats, cats.
Limited to 35 copies.
Get it from Bigcartel.
Stream it on Spotify:

This is amek013.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

a-m_e|k p_60 Dave Phillips (CH) & support @ Czech Center 21/05/17

In collaboration with Abandonment, Kontingent Records and Alarma Punk Jazz Fest we are bringing Dave Phillips in Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time. The "Шумна неделя" series is back!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Zoharum Distro Update

A small stock from selected Zoharum - new experimental art releases. 
Hit us up for prices on Facebook or check us out at Discogs
One copy per release. 🔥
– CELER & DIRK SERRIES ‘Background Curtain’ CD
– MAMMOTH ULTHANA ‘Particular Factors’ CD
– Dag Rosenqvist / Rutger Zuydervelt 'Vintermusik' CD
– NOWA ZIEMIA 2 (Adrjanczyk / Banasik / Krychowiak) CD

Monday, February 20, 2017

a-m_e|k p_59 w/ "Pogłos" ("Reverberation") screening & Arma Agharta (LT) live performance

First collab with the amazing Crooked Cinema collective. We're screening art documentary "Pogłos" ("Reverberation") with a special guest performance by our friend Arma Agharta (Lithuania). See you in Sofia's Cush.Bar on March 1st.

poster by Maxim Mokdad

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amek Catalog on Spotify

We've always had a heart for physical editions, especially in limited runs and we still believe they help us make experiencing music a more special gesture. However, we realize the music we put out has the potential to be enjoyed by more than the 35 people who managed to score a tape or the 200 people who could afford a vinyl.

That's why we've uploaded our catalog on Spotify. It'll soon reach other services as well. Pick whatever service suits you. We'll always recommend using the Bandcamp pages of our artists or partners who co-release the digitals there, and we'll always have releases like Gokkun's Love Hits, which will never be digitalized by us.

Below is a mix we modestly called Amek Collective Essentials. Enjoy.

Monday, December 5, 2016

amek012 - Climaxim & Ivan Shopov & Mytrip – Controlled Perception

Believe it or not here's our seventh release for 2016. We can't believe it's happening.
It's a co-release with ABCD. They are handling the digital, tapes are on us.


Maxim Anokhin (Climaxim, Limewax), Ivan Shopov (COOH, Balkansky, Drum Kid) and Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip) recorded Controlled Perception in February 2014. The album documents a small bit of their first creative encounter. Controlled Perception sees three artists with completely different solo output and background overcoming their individual aesthetics and approaches to craft a sound of its own. The album was born between the studio and the live environment. It's a result of extraction and not of relentless edits. 
From the distant murky guitars of 'How does it feel to be in between' to the textural, yet tamed ambient chaos of the closing, self-titled piece, Controlled Perception is a morphing mass of memories, machines and contemplation. The album is finally out to commemorate a rather unexpected artistic symbiosis, but it is a promise for further exploration as well.
Recorded live in 2014 by Maxim Anokhin, Ivan Shopov and Angel Simitchiev
Artwork by Ivan Shopov
Text by Angel Simitchiev
This is amek012.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mytrip - Filament 12" LP & CS

Enjoy amek011 in the beauty of both its 12" LP and vinyl incarnations.
Get it from

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Filament promo shows in Plovdiv & Sofia this week!

We've just released 'Filament' on 12" LP, tape (co-release w/ Serpent Eve Records) & digital.
This week Mytrip is playing two shows in Bulgaria to celebrate it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mytrip - Adaptive (video)

'Adaptive' is the first video from the new Mytrip full-length album 'Filament'.
Out via Amek on 12" vinyl, cassette (co-released w/ Serpent Eve Records) & digital.

Pre-orders are up on

Distributed by:
Minor Label (DE)

Stashed Goods (UK)

Video by Silvana Ilieva.

Monday, October 10, 2016

amek011 - Mytrip - Filament - Pre-Orders Oct 17

We're releasing the new Mytrip album 'Filament'. Out on 12" vinyl & tape. 
Pre-orders start on October 17.

Artwork by Silvana Ilieva.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trysth, Feedbacker, Ivan Shopov, Leaver @ Mixtape 5 B-Side (photos)

Photos by George Chelebiev.

Ivan Shopov
Ivan Shopov
Ivan Shopov